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Covid-19 Lockdown Update, 13th June 2021

In line with the revised lockdown guidelines issued by the Government of Maharashtra, our office will be open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday only w.e.f. 14th June '21. These timings will apply until fresh guidelines are issued. Local pickup and drop services will also be provided during these time slots only. On weekends, we are not permitted to keep our office open and we will only be able to provide pickup and drop services on Saturdays and Sundays. Please place your rentals orders accordingly. For more details, please reach out to our team at reservations-at-primesandzooms-dot-com or call us on +91 87 67 47 7102.

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What Customers Say

One of the most trusted and convenient rental service in Pune city. Where you will find the latest gears and equipment to try your hands on. They also help you choosing the right gear for your assignment if you're confused. The owner Mr Abhijit Sir and other staff members like Mr Kapil, Umang, Shubham, Abhijeet, Rohit and all others are extremely helpful and generous. Very all the best to team PnZ!
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Ajay Khot
Best and reliable camera rental services...
Profile image
Vedant Chandak
It's really good shop for rent camera equipment. They have everything for all camera brands. Price is very reasonable. Good support from Abhijith.
Profile image
Manikandan A
PnZ never disappointed me, starting from their registration process, equipment variety, their availability, PnZ team is very polite and professional, had no. of occasions where I rented camera lenses and camera bodies from them, never faced any issue. They do treat each n every customer like king, always ready to help and provide solutions. Wishing all the very best.
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Ambarish Pramod Deshmukh
Best service. Everyone is co-operative and they helped me to choose the right props... also some memories from Primes and Zooms!
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Ashish Bangal
Excellent service , quality and variety of camera accessories ,helpful and friendly staff..
Profile image
Ashish Paradkar
primes & zooms is such a fantastic rental service of cameras
Profile image
Swapnil Kharat
Probably the best place in pune to get top notch quality equipment on rental at reasonable rates
Profile image
Murtaza Poonawalla
Extremely professional service. You can rent just about anything related to photography/ videography from here. Their rental timings are very convenient; you actually get more that a days worth of you consider their stay and return time. They make sure that you have everything to get up and running right out to their shop, like charged batteries!!
Profile image
Krishna Kumar
When looking for camera rental services in India, I was pleasantly surprised to find Primes and Zooms in Pune. This was several years ago. They had an extensive collection then, and this has only expanded over time covering the changes in market such as mirrorless. The rents are reasonable in my opinion, and certainly a much better option than buying something that you might use only once or twice. The staff is knowledgeable, and is able to answer questions to guide amateurs like me to pick the right equipment for our needs. I also like that the booking process is online.
Profile image
Kedar Bhise
I am loving you guys, nice rental startup. keeping rocking guys and the customer experience was good.
Profile image
Debojit Das
Excellent services and vast list of equipment to select from!! They are truly amazing, the staff is great and friendly, all the equipment are in good conditions, their services are prompt! And I'm glad they are open on Sundays too! Thanks Abhijeet & Team! :)
Profile image
Niraj Suryawanshi
I Got a really Amazing Service from Primes And Zooms well the Equpmnts are really update Better then any rentals services in Pune...
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Prathamesh More
This is the type of service which India needs..my first time here, rented 3 lenses worth about 3.5 lakh for 3.5k for a day..below is the process that went through 1. online registration submission - few docs needs to be uploaded, basic details, etc 2. online/offline inquiry submission - select the equipment, check availability etc 3. registration completion - took a few hours, they might ask you to send copies of docs in mail 4. equipment inquiry confirmation - done in a few hours after registration completion 5. equipment pickup - from their office. pickup day is not chargeable. 5. booked day 6. equipment return - to their office. they will check for any damages. return day is not chargeable.
Profile image
Supreet Goswami
Best place in Pune for Photo and Video Equipment. Proper maintenance of the gear done periodically. Amazing staff as well.
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Aniket Waghmode