About the Founder

In 2012, Abhijit Mutha stood outside a camera shop in Mumbai’s Dadar area, nervously debating about whether or not to proceed with the purchase of a telephoto zoom lens that he had saved money for over the last few months. Abhijit was a management consultant with pwc and his hobby of wildlife photography required more range than that offered by his existing set of two kit lenses: 18-55mm and 55-250mm. The lens he was planning to buy cost Rs 60,000 and was more money than he had ever spent on one item. Abhijit took a deep breath and entered the camera shop.

The purchase turned out to be a disaster and Abhijit was quite upset that he did not try the lens before buying it. A quick search revealed that there were no such options available where one could try an expensive lens before buying it, either in Pune or in Mumbai - and that planted the seed for Primes & Zooms. Abhijit quit his high-profile job in Mumbai, relocated to Pune, and set out to create a friendly and reliable service that would offer a wide range of high-quality equipment to every kind of photographer at a fraction of the price.

A mechanical engineer with a diploma in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Abhijit had a decade of experience in the IT and management consulting industry, working with clients across various sectors, but the one thing he lacked was any formal training in photography. After quitting his job in May of 2012, Abhijit took the next three months to understand camera equipment and design a business from the ground up. Primes & Zooms opened its doors to customers in August 2012. Fast forward a decade… and here we are!

Abhijit heads Primes & Zooms and is supported by an able and professional team that is as passionate about customer service as the founder himself. When he is not helping customers choose the best equipment for their requirement, Abhijit pursues his hobby of travel photography and also conducts various talks and seminars to share the technical and management learnings from his journey so far. He has conducted many workshops for budding photographers, management students, start-up enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals on various topics, such as, marketing, management, photography, and entrepreneurship. Always willing to share, Abhijit is up for any opportunity where he gets to ignite curiosity and courage in the minds of young entrepreneurs!