Edelkrone SliderPlus v5 Pro Long with Slide Module v3

Notes: Max load capacity 9 kg (on a tripod) and 18 kg (on the ground).

  • 1 Day: ₹1,500.00
  • 2 Days: ₹2,600.00
  • 5 Days: ₹6,000.00
  • 9 Days: ₹10,350.00
  • Next Available: 5/24/22
Current Store Time: 2022-05-23 22:56:37

The Edelkrone SliderPlus v5 Pro Long with Slide Module v3 is a motorised slider package that provides 1.4 feet (2.9 feet on a tripod) of travel with a maximum payload capacity of 18 Kg (on the ground), 4.5 Kg (on a tripod) and 2.5 Kg (for inclined use). The slider has foldable legs that can be used when resting the slider on the ground or any other surface. For tripod mounting, it is recommended that a minimum distance of 43 inches be maintained between the tripod legs. The rental package includes the SliderPlus v5 Pro, the Slide Module v3 with attached LP-E6 Battery Bracket, Manfrotto MH496-BH Ball Head, 4 x LP-E6 batteries with charger.

More Information
Brand Edelkrone
Includes Edelkrone SliderPlus v5 Pro Long, Slide Module v3 with Canon LP-E6 Battery Bracket, Manfrotto Ball Head MH496-BH, Newell LP-E6 Batteries x 4, Canon LC-E6E Charger, Carry Case for Slider, Hard Case with Inner Soft Case and Strap, Thread Adapter 1/4-in to 3/8-in
Material Aluminium Alloy
Weight Capacity (in kgs) 9.07kg (On a tripod) / 18.14kg (On a surface)
Self-Weight (in kgs) 2.69kg
Centre Column NA
Type of Head NA
Maximum Height 2.80"