1. Medium Format comes to Primes & Zooms!

    Medium Format comes to Primes & Zooms!


    The Fujifilm G Mount is our very first medium format camera system! Medium format cameras carry a sensor that is larger than 35mm full-frame camerras. Thus these cameras are traditionally bigger in size, with larger mounts and therefore larger lenses. Some high-end medium format cameras are quite impossible to shoot with handheld. Fujifilm, however, have come out with a portable range of cameras under the GFX range. 

    The GFX 100S carries a 102 MP sensor and is capable, among other things, of a 5 fps burst and 4K60p video. Its sibling, the GFX 50S II carries a 51MP sensor and can shoot 3 fps bursts and FHD30p video. Both these cameras are now available to rent at P&Z. We have also added a group of 4 lenses in the first phase, covering focal lengths from the wide end to the short telephoto end. You can browse the full range of cameras and lenses we have added

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  2. The Most Rented Gear of 2021

    The Most Rented Gear of 2021

    Here is our (mostly) annual list of the most popular gear at Primes & Zooms, compiled for the year 2021!

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  3. Landscape Photography with 70-200mm Lenses

    Ram Balmur on Shooting Landscape Photos with 70-200mm f/4 Lenses

    Most photographers use wide-angle lenses to shoot landscapes - that's what they are built for! However, in this video, Ram Balmur makes a case for using telephoto lenses and particularly, the 70-200mm f/4 lenses, to shoot landscapes.

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  4. Nikon Z Autofocus Tips and Tricks

    Nikon Z Autofocus Tips and Tricks

    In this fourth video of the series, Ram Balmur talks about the Nikon Z system and cameras such as the Nikon Z7 Mark II, Z6 Mark II as well as the older Nikon Z7 and Z6. Starting off with the specific advantages that the Z system offers over DSLRs, Ram also talks about his experience using this system extensively and shares some insight based on his learning. Ram then moves on to a discussion on how to set up a Nikon Z system camera for best autofocus performance for event, portrait, documentary and landscape photography.

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  5. Sony Alpha Autofocus Tips and Tricks

    Sony Alpha AUtofocus Tips and Tricks

    In the third video of this series, Ram Balmur takes a look at one of the oldest full-frame mirrorless systems, the Sony Alpha series of cameras, currently encompassing bodies such as the Sony A7R Mk III, A7R Mk IV, A7 Mk III, A1 and A9 Mk II bodies. Ram discusses the benefits of using a Sony Alpha system, particularly on account of this system being around for a longer period of time.

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