1. Panasonic S1 and S1R

    Panasonic S1 and S1R cover

    Panasonic recently invited us to a pre-launch preview of their upcoming full-frame mirrorless bodies: the S1 and the S1R. While the bodies we got to see and handle were pre-production models, they carried most of the features that will be finally released. The cameras are expected to start shipping in April and we should see detailed field reviews coming in soon after. However, here is a short summary of what’s noteworthy about these bodies:

    1. The bodies are large – larger than other FF mirrorless cameras on the market. However, that said, they feel solid and rugged to handle. The mount is a Leica L-mount, different from the MFT mount on the GHx series. The L mount is an alliance between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. Sigma are expected to announce new lenses for this mount soon after the bodies start shipping.
    2. The S1R carries a 47MP sensor and
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  2. The Most Popular Gear of 2018!

    The Most Popular Gear of 2018!

    Ever wonder what gear we rent out most at Primes & Zooms? I have been curious to know and we now carry sufficient inventory for the numbers to not get swayed by outliers. So we put together the numbers for 2018 and drew up the rankings. Before we get to the numbers, though, a few disclaimers:

    1. These rankings are simply a listing of gear ranked by the number of rental days each item has completed during the year across all its copies.

    2.These rankings should not be interpreted as an indication of how good or bad a certain piece of gear is.

    3.The rankings depend to a large extent on the number of copies we carry for each item. Hence, newer items with few copies will not show up on this list right away.

    Top 15 most rented

    The 15 Most

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  3. Lens cleaning

    Lens cleaning

    Every DSLR owner worries at some point or another about dust on lenses. While dust on the body of the lens is fairly easy to clean, dust on the elements is more tricky. You can clean the barrel and rubber rings on the lens using a moist toothbrush or a soft cloth. You have to be careful not to let drops of water run into any of the cracks below the zoom and focus rings and enter the lens. Ditto with the switches on the lens.

    Cleaning Lens Elements:

    A disclaimer before we get into more detail – unless you know what you are doing, it is always better to leave a lens alone or seek expert help. We know – we have been in situations where we left a lens worse off than it was before we began cleaning it!


    Prevention is definitely the better option. Which is why almost all of the lenses tha

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  4. The Basics of Astrophotography

    The Basics of Astrophotography

    The evening of Jan 31, 2018 witnessed a beautiful lunar eclipse starting before moonrise and ending well into the night. A lot of Primes & Zooms customers were out shooting the moon that night and a few of them got great results while some came back with images that did not quite do justice to the beautiful sight.

    Shooting celestial objects is not an easy task unless you have some practice with it. If you are a beginner and would like to understand how to take simple but great shots of the moon and planets, this article is for you!

    Choose your subject:

    Close-up of the rings of Saturn shot by the Cassini spacecraft: your images will NOT look like this!


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