The Most Popular Gear of 2018!

Ever wonder what gear we rent out most at Primes & Zooms? I have been curious to know and we now carry sufficient inventory for the numbers to not get swayed by outliers. So we put together the numbers for 2018 and drew up the rankings. Before we get to the numbers, though, a few disclaimers:

1. These rankings are simply a listing of gear ranked by the number of rental days each item has completed during the year across all its copies.

2.These rankings should not be interpreted as an indication of how good or bad a certain piece of gear is.

3.The rankings depend to a large extent on the number of copies we carry for each item. Hence, newer items with few copies will not show up on this list right away.

Top 15 most rented

The 15 Most Rented items show a couple of surprises. The Nikon D750 holds its own well against the Canon 5D Mark IV and even manages to surpass the Nikon D850. The Canon 6D Mark II is a bit of a surprise considering it beats the Canon 5D Mark III. The Sony A7 bodies are missing from this list because of the lower number of copies we carried in 2018.

Top 15 lenses

The Top 15 Lenses highlight the increasing might of third party telephoto lenses, especially in the Canon lineup. Despite lower numbers of copies than the 100-400, the Tamron G2 for Canon ranks fairly high. We did not expect to find either the Canon 10-18 or the Canon 18-135 in this list!

Top 10 cameras

The biggest surprise in the Top 10 Cameras is the Coolpix P900 beating the Nikon D850! The Canon 7D Mark II lags only slightly behind the Nikon D500 and the Canon 80D is more popular than the Canon 5D Mark III! No mirrorless camera has made it to this list yet, I expect that may change in 2019!

-Abhijit Mutha,
Founder, Primes & Zooms