Sony Alpha AUtofocus Tips and Tricks

In the third video of this series, Ram Balmur takes a look at one of the oldest full-frame mirrorless systems, the Sony Alpha series of cameras, currently encompassing bodies such as the Sony A7R Mk III, A7R Mk IV, A7 Mk III, A1 and A9 Mk II bodies. Ram discusses the benefits of using a Sony Alpha system, particularly on account of this system being around for a longer period of time.

As with earlier videos, Ram takes a deep dive into setting up a Sony Alpha camera for optimal autofocus functionality for shooting landscape, event, portrait and documentary photography. Live demonstrations of the various settings and what they do will help you understand the impact of each setting on the performance of your camera. Ram also makes recommendations of how you can set up custom buttons to minimise the number of button presses required to change settings on the fly. Finally, discover an exceptionally powerful and important feature tucked away inside Sony's massive menu system that can make your life really easy!